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The Number 12 Looks Like You


The Number Twelve  Looks Like You

"Founding member Alexis Pareja unsurprisingly continues to be a revelation with his instrument, stitching Latin American and American jazz with the blistering speed of metal and grind riffs to create a disturbingly alluring tapestry of sound instantly recognizable by fans." -Sputnik Music

"They came back last year with one of their best albums to date, Wild Gods, and people definitely warmed up to their presence while they were gone as their return got a ridiculous but well-deserved amount of hype." - Alt Press

"This 4th full-length is all chaos and thunder -- spastic and unpredictable rhythms, frantic and dissonant chord changes, mercurial vocals that range from disinterested spoken-word to throat-shredding screamo."

"The band experiments with several styles throughout the album, blending them all flawlessly."

Spontaneously addicting!

Composite City

Voyeur's Kaleidoscope

The Hive Mind


Cura Cura

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